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At the resort, you will be divided into different teams to compete in this off-road desert challenge! Each team has a four wheel drive vehicle and a professional driver who knows all about the beautiful countryside you will see.


The team will work together to unravel a series of clues that will lead them to various destinations. Once they arrive they will take a unique photograph of their team. The Sonoran Desert is well known for spectacular beauty and unique plant and animal life. You are in a land of shapes, textures and colors. Be careful as you explore, this is a fragile and sometimes hostile environment. You may take photographs and leave footprints, nothing more please. Each team will receive points for the composition and creativity of their photos and creating a team name.


Find and photograph different things. Each group is given a packet with clues and tasks to help take these pictures These things can be real or created from your imagination. If you take more than 10 photos you will be disqualified. Instruct your driver to take you to the rendezvous site where your Photo Rally will begin. Stay within the permitted area. Late returns will be penalized. Disabling vehicles will result in automatic disqualification - and remember, this is not a race!


In additional to the photo challenge and exploring the desert, create a Team Song, Poem, or Cheer to perform in front of the Group in the event of a tie between teams after the points are tallied. You can use the tune to some ol’ favorite Cowboy Songs like Home on the Range or Red River Valley.


At the end of the event, you will meet at a location by the Verde River where your Survival activity awaits - building a campfire (as long as there are no fire restrictions). Test your skills in case you are ever stranded in the desert! This final challenge will ensure that you have conquered the great outdoors of the Sonoran Desert. After the challenge you will have light snacks and beverages before you take your final ride back to the resort.

Desert Jeep Rally

    • Desert Jeep Road Rally

    • Experienced driver/guides

    • Trivia Packets for the Photo Rally (guests use their cell phones for taking photos)

    • Physical Challenge: Build a Campfire near Verde River site

    • Light snacks and refreshments at river site

    • Soft drinks and bottled water on Jeeps

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