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Spend some time in an authentic glass studio, and witness a craft that dates back 2000 years.  The team of glassblowers glides among each other in a dance so smooth it belies the danger of the hot molten glass that hangs from their 5’ long blowpipes.  They repeatedly reheat the piece in the “Glory Hole”, caress it at the bench, spin, blow, nip, torch, or cool, and reheat all over again. 


You are seated inside the “hotshop”, close enough to feel the heat of the two furnaces and see steam rise as a hand held pad of wet newsprint shapes the honey-like glass. Hear the sssss of a hot pipe temporarily cooled in a water bath right in front of you. Under the guidance of an instructor, design a unique one-of-a-kind glass piece to take home as a keepsake.



12:45pm   Transportation and staff spot at resort
1:00pm   Depart resort
1:30pm   Arrive at the Art Academy
4:00pm   Depart for the resort
4:30pm   Approximate return to resort

OCTOBER 19, 2021 - Art of Glassblowing

SKU: AME951021A-04
    • Deluxe transportation, up to 4 hours
    • Uniformed MC&A staff, up to 4 hours
    • Admission to Sonoran Glass Art Academy
    • Hands-on instruction by skilled instructors
    • Create a blown glass piece to take home - Tumbler, Pumpkin or Kiln  
    • All applicable taxes and gratuities
    1. There is an 8 person minimum and 12 person maximum for this activity.
    2. The Philabaum Glass Gallery is typically closed on Sundays and Mondays, however, the gallery management may open the gallery for private groups. Additional fees may apply.
    3. Glass pieces include an orb, tumbler (client's preference), vase or bowl.  Exact piece can be determined once number of participants is confirmed.  Price is based on the tumbler or orb. Additional fees apply if a vase or bowl is selected.  
    4. Glass pieces may take up to 2 days to cool and require shipping following the program. Price does not include shipping. Client may choose to provide corporate shipping account number to ship pieces to attendees. 
    5. Suggested attire: casual comfortable clothing, closed toed shoes or sneakers. For your guests' safety, we request that no open toed shoes or sandals are worn on the tour.
    6. This activity is not appropriate for children.
    7. Guests may be required to sign waivers.
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