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Nothing recreates a memory of a visit to Tucson like skin care products made with organics and wild-harvested prickly pear and creosote. Explore the many seasonal botanical oils and learn the art of perfuming and layering. The Sonoran desert provides soft acacia floral fragrance, fresh citrus, unique desert rain, mesquite honey, crisp desert verbena are just a few of the 12 fragrance options. Create (5) different fragranced products or find one that you love. Roll on perfume (.33oz), moisture balm (2 oz. solid tin), and soaking bath salts (10 oz. bottle) are travel friendly and meet guidelines. We can ship the (4 oz.) jojoba & shea hand & body crème and (4 oz.) dry oil spray and your set is complete.


The soaking dead sea salts is a new feature that clients select from prickly pear infused salts, creosote infused salts, or plain dead sea salts and blend with personal choice of desert lavender, mint, creosote, & citrus. Our dry oil spray is made with certified organic bio-based hemisqualane and Arizona grown jojoba oil. Moisturizing balm is warmed and each “perfumer” adds a variety of drops of oils to use as a handy way to moisturize hands and body. Drop in your purse or pocket and it's ready to go. A great way to help alleviate damage from all of our alcohol based antiseptic wipes, gels, and sprays. The hand & body whip is made with certified organic jojoba, shea butter, and olive oils and soaks in immediately providing needed moisture. Add drops of essential oils to jojoba oil in individual roll on perfume container and use on pulse points to enjoy the art of personal fragrance.






TBD, client to advise 

OCTOBER 22, 2021 - Skincare of the Desert Workshop

SKU: AME951021A-17
    • Hands on create-your-own custom gift set
    • Educational information and presentation regarding desert plants and fragrances
    • All applicable taxes and gratuities
    1. There is a 15 guest minimum and 50 guest maximum.
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